My Journey with Udacity(Pratyusha Thumiki)

7 mins read. My Journey with Udacity(Pratyusha Thumiki)

In this , I am going to share one of my friend’s experience with Udacity Scholarship Courses.


I’m Pratyusha, a CSE undergraduate and I used to be one of those girls who used to have only three parts in her life and they were home college and myself. I didn’t have any other goals other than my education and since childhood, I used to just study and study, do well in my exams and used to be a Topper in the class. But, one day I realized that in spite of having everything I need, there’s something else that I was unable to get ( no, I don’t have any imposter syndrome :p).

When I was in my first year of, my seniors conducted a session on Android Application development which created interest in me. I then started learning it using YouTube tutorials. Then, one day I came to know about GIS(Google India Challenge Scholarship) and applied for GIS Android Developer Nanodegree for which I got selected. That was an awesome course and community. But, my bad!! I joined the community late. But, my life literally changed after I joined the community. It was then I realized that there is a world outside, the world which I’m not familiar with and then I determined that I have so much to learn. And now there are so many things in my world, it’s just very colorful. But still, it’s not complete. There’s so much more to be filled.

Now coming back to GIS, I wasn’t selected for the second phase as I joined the community late. But, my GIS friends are so cool that they are all in contact with me through social media. I was so interested in that course that I purchased it(thanks for the 30% discount for GIS students) and successfully completed it by getting some awesome reviews for my projects.

And now comes my journey for Machine learning and AI, my college is the one which is responsible for generating interest in me for ML and AI. They conducted a workshop on ML which I have attended and that’s how I started learning ML. And AI is an elective subject for us. Teachers are also responsible for generating interest and motivating the students and fortunately, I had such a great teacher who helped us not only by teaching theory but also do some practical projects on AI. Then, while going through the Twitter, I have seen the Udacity India’s tweet to apply for Pytorch Deep Learning scholarship from Facebook, I have applied for it and then, one day I received a mail saying that I have been selected. Most of my GIS friends are also selected for this course which is awesome right!! I can have all of them in my slack again. Then I remembered a quote

You can do mistakes, but you should never repeat them.
So, now I’m trying my best to stay active on slack and balance both my college work and Scholarship work and I have made so many great friends not only from my country but all over the world.

So, yeah!! This is my story. I tried to keep it as short as possible. Do clap it if you like it :)

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