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Useful Links

2 mins read. Useful Links

Competitive Programming on Commonlounge

Competitive Programming References by Hackerearth

Competitive Programming by Geeksforgeeks

Find best courses from top universities- ClassCentral

Kaggle DataScience Education

IBM DataScience and many other courses

Intel AI Academy

Microsoft AI School


A-frames by Mozilla for Web-VR A perfect place for beginners

Gitter: Where developers come to talk

CyBrary - Place to learn CyberSecurity for free

Google + Pluralsight for free courses for 60days

Learn MongoDB from MongoDB

AndroidCoding for tutorials

AndroidHive by Ravi

Leetcode - for learning Competitive Programming.

Exercism - Improve your Coding Skills

Build ReactNative Apps by Facebook

Build websites using Github Pages

Find Freelance Jobs Online - Freelancer

Internshala - Apply for Internships


Amazon-Free training,Resources and Certification

FreeCodeCamp -Learn to code for free

Learnvern - learn any course for free

Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course

Microsoft Virtual Academy learn all courses for free

Google Developers Training

Google Codelabs for Handson Training

Android Fundamentals Course by Google

Advanced Android Course by Google


Mozilla’s Web Development Resources

Mozilla’s Learning

15 Free Logo makers: check here.

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